So far I like this stuff.  I screwed up applying it on the deck a few times.  Once I did it when rain was coming..stupid mistake.  The other too late on a cold night so the bumps flattened out before it dried.  I had a few successful sections though.  Painting it on the locker lids in the garage was really easy.

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3 Responses to Kiwigrip

  1. Dani says:

    Wow it looks fantastic! Can I beg you for more detail on how you prepped the surface and your application techinique?

    • Erick says:


      I just followed the instructions from the Kiwigrip website. All of the non-skid areas on my deck were repaired and sealed with Interlux Epoxy Primekote, as was the rest of the deck before painting. The white areas (non-non skid) were painted first to overlap the non-skid areas.

      Before applying the Kiwigrip I taped off all of the non-skid areas and sanded down with 80 grit. Gotta make sure all of the white paint was scuffed up. Cleaned off all dust with solvent then applied. Check out these videos for application technique, they are what I studied before trying:

      there are a few other videos out there but these are where I started.

      Some tips: don’t apply late in the day where dew can form. It is a water based product so any dew will inhibit it drying and will lay the bumps down. Don’t tempt fate and try to beat rain clouds either. Don’t apply on a very humid day in general. Also don’t apply it when temps are lower than 60. On the flip side, don’t apply in temps above 80, it will dry really fast..but that can be a good thing once you get decent at it. I like the results when I applied, then after it had dried a bit come back and re-roll. It creates a much more aggressive texture for areas where you want the best grip.

      It is wise to remove the tape as soon as you finished rolling, it creates a nicer edge that isn’t “sharp” like when you let it dry before removing the tape. Get extra rollers, they start to fall apart after a while. Get a lot more paint than you expect, you have to apply it pretty thick and you go through it quickly.

      I think that about covers it. I’ll let you know if I think of anything else.

  2. Dani says:

    Great writeup. Thanks!!

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