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    Various kinds of valve are optional

    Main Products

    Globe Valves

    The globe valve is the most common and reliable product used in process control with many types and structures which is applicable in different working conditions, including normal temperature and pressure to all kinds of severe service. You can always find what you need for process control in SCORE.

    Various kinds of valve are optional

    GS100 Top Guided Single Seat Globe Valve GS200 Small Flow Single Seat Globe Valve GC100 Cage Guided Globe Valve
    GC200 Multi-hole Cage Guided Globe Valve
    AS100 Top Guided Single Seat Angle Valve
    AC100 Cage Guided Angle Valve
    GT100 Cage Guided 3-Way Divering Globe Valve GT200 Cage Guided 3-Way Mixing Globe Valve GC300 Labyrinth Cage Guided Globe Valve

    GC400 Multi-step Plug Cage Guided Globe Valve
    AC200 Multi-hole Cage Guided Angle Valve
    AC300 Labyrinth Cage Guided Angle Valve

    AC400 Multi-step Plug Cage Guided Angle Valve    

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